Intro to CBD Hemp & Kannaway

Power of Kannaway CBD Products!

Intro to CBD

Welcome to the Power of Hemp CBD webpage.  If you are looking to learn more about CBD and the effects that it has had on millions of people then you have definitly come to the right place.  Here you will learn about special Kannaway Corporation CBD ingredients and how it is made. As well as how important finding the RIGHT CBD quality products is, in this day and age of it’s popularity. 

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What is CBD?


How can it Help You?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and latin name for cannabis or hemp.  It has a long history that for years many people were not aware of.  Cannabis plants, believe it or not produce more than 400 different compounds.  What does that mean for you?   That means more than likely you can and WILL benefit from one of them!  People fail to realize that not all of these compounds are seclusively uniqye to marijuana, and can be found in many other species of plants.   However, more than 60 of them are specifically unique to the plant species Cannabis!  These are what we call cannabinoids!

Cannabidiol or CBD is a powerful therapeutic substance and you don’t want to miss out on this wave of natural hemp relief!

Over the past few years CBD products, especially the oil, have gained popularity in the United States and abroad!  It may still be unfamiliar to some, but many who are seeking more healthier alternatives to our everyday nutritional needs, are becoming more and more curious about the benefits of Hemp CBD!

It’s important that you start to care about CBD, because it may start to revolutionalize medicine as we currently know it today, and it also happens to be a billion dollar business, despite a lot of people being completly in the dark to it’s benefits!

How May It Be of Benefit To You?

This is a question that only you can determine!  However, I must say, I don’t know ANYONE who has tried CBD, and haven’t had one nutritional or health benefit from it!  To be frank, there are many ways in which CBD products can benefit you and your entire family!

Here are a few of the most popular beneficial factors to cbd products:






Key thing to remember is that there may be more or less benefits to using CBD Hemp in relation to your personal body;  it really ALL depends on your body.  One thing that isn’t subjective to individual tolerance and make up is the quality of CBD.  Quality over the internet definitly is not created equal.  If you buy a low grade quality CBD Hemp product, it may seem as if CBD doesn’t work for you; when in all actuality, you bought a piece of crap product!

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That’s where Kannaway CBD Hemp products come into play, and I am here to tell you all about Kannaway!  There is power in their Kannaway products!!!


Kannaway is a family oriented business that highly prides themselves in quality , trust and reliability!   Their CBD Hemp Oil is derived from northern Europe and it is free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers which is pretty rare to find!  Kannaways products are put througha stringent lab test to ensure,

  1. it’s saftey and
  2. it’s reliabilty

It is checked for any potential contamination so that they can provide a product that you can  ALWAYS TRUST!

Kannaway exemplifies integrity at its finest and stands apart from all the rest of the CBD Oil on the market!

Kannaway’s products are distributed through  a network of Brand Ambassador’s like myself-  (by the way, nice to meet you, my name is Ebony-  will tell you more about myself later).

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We ALL are eager to spread the word, not because of money or exposure – it help’s, but mainly because we are passionate about CBD and Kannaway.  In some shape or fashion we have a story that we want to tell that displays how we have personally benefited from the use of CBD; and simply want to help others benefit as well!



Cannabidiol is Legal Almost Everywhere

Ok, let me explain.  Because CBD cannot and will not get you high, it is legal.   If you were looking for a high, sorry wrong page!

THC is the element that drug tests look for.  Weed without THC is in other words hemp.  I know it can get confusing, and trust me I will go into this further on another post, the key here is you to get you to trust me as a Brand Ambassador and Kannaway as a company with integrity!  Check my page “WHY CBD IS LEGAL”!

I hope that I gave you atleast enough information to gain curiosity in CBD benefits and the Kannaway products.  That was trully my overall intent!  Please bookmark this page and feel free to contact me or ENTER name & email for more info at any time!